A Dog's Story (A Short Tale of Kedge) (A Kindle Single)

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This short story is about two miniature wirehaired dachshunds that lived aboard a sailing sloop in the Sacramento Delta in California. It is a tale as told by Kedge who wrote a letter to a very kind lady who took care of her and Briny while their owners were away for a week. During that week they enjoyed a large backyard, which they lacked in their every-day life. The letter explains her experiences as she leaves her breeder's home in Florida and her adjustment to the unusual lifestyle.

This story is suitable for parents to read to their children who have a love for dogs and helps them imagine how a dog might enjoy living on a boat as long as they are loved and treated well.

All book sales by this author are donated to the Cache Valley Humane Society in Logan, Utah.


Nancy L. Silk

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