Never Pick On a Jaguar Princess (The Jaguar Princess Rules)

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Fifteen year-old Juli Perry is new at Onca Lake High School. That’s tough enough without being unexpectedly orphaned, moving to the old family farm…and growing new freckles that aren’t really freckles. Juli has to adjust to more than she expected. You see, Juli is a shapeshifter—and not just any old shape-shifter. She’s a jaguar princess.

She can run like the wind, see farther than anyone she knows, and hear even the softest whisper. Oh, and she might be clairvoyant, too. All that is cool enough but there are features of shifting that aren’t so cool. Those freckles are really furry spots that itch like crazy, her toenails grow so fast they tear up her socks, and her hair…well, that golden-brown shade would be nice if it would stay instead of coming and going with her mood.

The freshman just wants to make a friend or two so she goes out for the track team. But the Track Pack has other ideas. A clique of four other teens who try to rule the school, they mercilessly pick on Juli until someone—or something—decides to protect the jaguar princess. Such protection, the Track Pack quickly discovers, can be dangerous.

Even deadly.


T. Lynn Odom

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Pimpernel Publishing Company

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