Deep Space Endeavor Book Two: Royal Intrigue

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After finding the treasure of Ameteo and saving Kaldor from Garrinoras and his pirate fleet, Endeavor is headed to the planet Hyperia. While on their way, they get sidetracked in Conglomerate Space. Colonel Marcos saves Bessa, a beautiful Qualoosh woman and brings her aboard the ship. With Conglomerate and pirate forces bearing down on them, they narrowly escape to Hyperian space where they are met with mistrust and hostility.

On Hyperia, intrigue surrounds the crew as traitors seem to lurk behind every corner. When treachery strikes the Royal Family, King Dominus, not knowing who to trust, enlists the help of Endeavor’s crew. They wind up on the dangerous jungle world, Pandara, where Colonel Marcos is stretched to his limits as he tries to get Princess Rayelle and his crew back to Hyperia before all out war threatens Hyperia's peaceful kingdom.


Ron Francis

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Ron Francis

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