Jump Off Bitches

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This sizzling trio of BFFS and boothangs bring sure fire ratchet drama and sass with colorful bursts of erotic scenery. Meet Kenya, Bird and Deidre. Three chicks with three very different stories. First up to bat is Miss Kenya, the self titled classy and fashionable down south chick with sass for days. She is a working single mother and student, who after two years of a shelved sex life, feels her frozen hot pocket is overdue on getting scorched. After a long and strong relationship with herself and “her toys”, her desire for human contact has become imminent. Being pulled in so many different directions, she barely has time to date, much less carry out a relationship with someone, but she can not shake the nagging urge to hit the sheets with someone other than Mario, her favorite vibrator. She quickly sets her sights on an unlikely target the father of her son’s best friend, who also happens to be married. Things get very hot and sticky, but is she bold enough to go all the way?

While Kenya is trying to figure out if she will be a side chick, her best friend, Bird is engulfed in a battle against a side chick trying to keep her husband. She is ready to get down and dirty and go to all out war for her man, but after finding herself fighting a losing battle, she jumps ships and lands into the arms of another man. Determined to find out if the old adage of getting over one man by getting under another reins true, Bird finds herself in the crossfire.


MJ Sparks

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Write House Publications

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