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Please take note as of 01/01/13 we are no longer accepting sponsorships.

I'd like to extend my thanks to all of the authors that we worked closely with in 2012. It was a great experience!

At this time, we are no longer accepting sponsorships.
NOTE : Previously scheduled sponsorships will still be run in 2013.

This choice was not made lightly but it was necessary.

I believe this will ensure I have the time required to focus on the site and the readers who are ultimately my number one priority.

Unique sponsorship options will return in 2013 on our revamped site.

If you believe you have a unique offering or idea that would be of benefit to both our readers and your work, we ask that you please email us.

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While we may be unable to pursue all engagements at this time, we are always interested in exploring and discussing unique opportunities.

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The original sponsorship information is below : ("OHFB") is a trusted resource to discover new authors & books.

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We've been mentioned in numerous articles including high profile sites such as Time, Lifehacker and more!

Why is this? How do we garner the attention of the media? Because we put forth a personality. OHFB is not a faceless website run by programs. We personally hand pick each and every book that we feature. Our readers have come to trust our list and enjoy the time that we save them by wading through hundreds of free Kindle books that are available each and every day. If we choose to promote your book, our readers will know it's worth the read. This in turn leads to higher sales and a bigger buzz for you!


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NOTE : Not every book will be accepted! We only promote books that we are comfortable putting our name behind. If your book is not chosen, any and all fees will be refunded to you.


A good book! One we think our readers will genuinely be interested in reading. We will check out the book personally and also check out your reviews. You don't need 5 reviews with a 4.x star rating. What you do need however is a good book. It's that simple. Remember, not all books will be accepted. Please have a look at the hand picked Kindle freebie book blog to get a sense for what makes the cut.


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