Friday Evening 03/08/13 – Five Free Kindle Books

Let’s start the weekend off with a pun, shall we?
Some words to live by in a joking way?
Here goes :

I used to have a fear of hurdles, but I got over it.

Yup. And now we are off to a good start!

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Winter Haven

[amazon asin=B009AZM8B0&template=template]

Thirteen years after Vera gamble’s little brother ran away from their Texas home, his body washes ashore on the remote island of Winter Haven, Maine. Vera goes to claim the corpse and discovers the impossible: her brother hasn’t aged a day since last she saw him. Determined to uncover what happened, she is confronted by unearthly fog, disturbing locals, and stories of lost colonies and a vengeful witch.

Beyond the forest where no creature dares to live, her only hope is the mysterious owner of a dilapidated mansion on a rocky cliff. But will this solitary man assist her, or is Vera Gamble doomed to disappear forever into yet another winter haven legend?


Jill Oliver Deception Thrillers (Box Set Books 1 – 2)

[amazon asin=B00AS6YH0A&template=template]

Book 1 – SUDDEN DECEPTION: Jill is a terrorist profiler for the US Marshal Special Operations Group and former Remote Viewer for the FBI. When her new husband David, a war correspondent for Time, disappears while on assignment in the Middle East, Jill embarks upon a journey deep into the region to find him.

Deception and danger plague her every move. Her only hope is the help of a mysterious and handsome Arabian man who escorts her to the foothills on the Turkmenistan/Afghanistan border. Ultimately, however, Jill is left on her own in a sinister web of intrigue. As she overcomes both fear of external dangers and her internal demons, she learns what true deception really is.

Book 2 – PRIMAL DECEPTION: Jill Oliver works as a Crimes Intelligence Analyst in the FBI Remote Viewing department–a clandestine department set up to assist Homeland Security. The FBI Violent Crimes Unit requests the assistance of the RV group to help track a brutal serial killer–The Iceman, also known as Matthew McGregor. The Iceman loves bludgeoning his victims to death in the face with an ice pick. When the RV group discovers his location, Jill Oliver soon finds herself in a horrific situation with no choice but to push past levels of physical brutality and psychological cruelty–levels that no human should ever have to endure.

This psychological thriller delves into the evil that lurks in the human spirit–uncloaking a shadow that will test your faith in humankind.


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Sea Sick: A Horror Novel

[amazon asin=B0093ZS5VE&template=template]

Police Officer Jack Wardsley’s life ended the moment his partner died, stabbed to death by a deranged druggie. Now, years later, Jack is a changed man, with a head full of secrets driving him insane. His recent record of police brutality and a reputation for not following the rules has prompted his seniors to give him an ultimatum: take a few weeks off, relax, and find some way to let go of all the anger – or else find another job.

That’s why Jack is about to board The Spirit of Kirkpatrick, a cruise liner built for relaxation and fun. Pretty soon, however, Jack realises that a little R&R is the last thing he’s ever going to get aboard the cursed ship. There’s a virus onboard, making people insane and bleeding from the eyes. The whole ship is overrun with blood and death, and there is nowhere to escape.

Just when Jack thinks his number is up and his life is over, he wakes up. The day is exactly the same. In fact, everything is the same. Jack is forced to witness the viral outbreak again and again as it ravages the ship and its passengers over and over, day after day. Jack finds himself trapped in a repeating hell.

It won’t be long before Jack realises there are others onboard just like him – and that some of them know more than they’re letting on.


History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Rosa Parks

[amazon asin=B00BQ2KFYM&template=template]

History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Rosa Parks profiles the life and legacy of one of America’s most famous women and one of its greatest Civil Rights icons. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, your kids will learn about Rosa Parks and her story like never before.


Black Jasmine (Lei Crime Series)

[amazon asin=B009LEFUKG&template=template]

The island of Maui is turquoise ocean, stunning vistas, and whalesong—but organized crime has a hidden hold, and Detective Lei Texeira tracks evil that hides behind a beautiful face.

Lei and Stevens find a haven on Maui—until their new life as a couple is interrupted by murder. When a nameless teenage girl dies in an apparent vehicular suicide, Lei can’t rest until she finds out what really happened. She blazes through all the wealth and poverty of island society in her quest for justice, rousing a deadly foe—even as she faces the personal demons of commitment and revenge that threaten the only real love she’s ever known.


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The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy (Millionaire Set)

Genre : Non-fiction | Author : Thomas J. Stanley Ph.D. (Author), William D. Danko Ph.D. (Author)

In this New York Times best-selling book, The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy, Dr. Thomas J. Stanley uses over two decades worth of surveys, personal interviews with millionaires, and data to reveal the secrets for building wealth in America. Dr. Stanley shattered the contemporary held beliefs about America’s rich – and how they got that way. It is seldom inheritance or advanced degrees or even intelligence that builds fortunes in this country. Wealth in America is more often the result of hard work, diligent savings, and living below your means. The Millionaire Next Door reveals the common denominators that show up again and again among those who have accumulated wealth.


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