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The Swiss Family Robinson

A classic by Johann David Wyss

The beloved adventure story of a family marooned on a deserted island and making a new home in the jungle wilderness

Off the coast of New Guinea a storm rages for seven days, violently tossing the passenger vessel holding a family of six about the sea. Left behind by the crew and other passengers of their wrecked ship, the family has no choice but to go it alone. They fill tubs with tools and provisions they may need to survive, and set off for a nearby island—devoid of people but teeming with lush natural life. Once on the island, they build themselves a home, complete with livestock, a small farm, and a sturdy tree house for shelter. In no time, the four boys and their steadfast parents learn to thrive on the jungle island, learning just how much can be accomplished through hard work, cooperation, curiosity, and perseverance.

First published in 1812, The Swiss Family Robinson is a rip-roaring adventure tale and an engrossing novel about self-sufficiency, responsibility, and the uses and wonders of the natural world.

$0.00 $4.95


Body Aches

A cozy mystery by R.V. Doon

This cozy mystery series features a quirky amateur sleuth with a penchant for solving murder by using her nursing instincts.

Reece Carson, nurse entrepreneur, isn’t looking for trouble on New Year’s Eve in this cozy mystery series. No, she’s standing on a rooftop in her hot boyfriend’s arms waiting for the MoonPie drop to ring in the New Year. Instead of celebrating, she’s the lone eyewitness to the first murder of the year. And the victim isn’t just any Mobilian. He’s the co-winner of the biggest jackpot ever won from Powerball, and he’s the half owner of Mobile’s newest business, Top Hat.

Most people think he was murdered for his money, gambling debts, or mob connections, but Reece isn’t convinced. The police track his finances and close associates. She’s drawn into the investigation because she finds the first piece of evidence, and she’s convinced the victim turned to wave at someone near a gate. Someone who never came forward, leading Reece to suspect there is another eyewitness.

She investigates the meaning of the dead man’s tattoo while juggling her clients, curtailing the snoopy antics of her next-door neighbor, fathoming the secret thoughts of Sheba, her ninja cat, and trying to keep her pregnant sister out of the clutches of a mesmerizing former boyfriend. Honestly, the only thing in this amateur sleuth’s life operating as it should is her relationship with Glenn Hanover.

The closer Reece gets to answers the more her ankle throbs, because the last murderer she unveiled broke it with Glenn’s favorite bat. Reece is convinced at the heart of this murder lies a festering secret or black-hearted lie. She already knows that secrets can come back to kill, but she’s about to learn a lie breeds the nastiest revenge of all.

$0.00 $11.45


A Million Steps

A memoir by Kurt Koontz

Kurt Koontz thought he was well prepared for his 490-mile walking trip on the historic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain. He was fit and strong. He had a good guidebook and all the right equipment. His pilgrim passport would grant him access to the shelter of hostels along the way. But all that, however helpful, did not begin to encompass the grandeur of his external or internal adventure. A Million Steps climbs over the high meadows of the Pyrenees, quests through the unceasing wind of the Meseta, and dances in the rains of Galicia. While following the yellow arrows that mark the route, Koontz also navigates through his personal history of addiction, recovery, and love. With outgoing humor and friendliness, he embraces the beauty of the countryside and joyful connections to other pilgrims from around the world. Part diary, part travelogue, A Million Steps is a journey within a journey all the way to the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela and beyond.

$0.00 $15.95


The Girl Who Wrote The New York Times Bestseller: A Novel

A thriller by John Ellsworth

Attorney Thaddeus Murfee is skyjacked to Moscow. Next to him on the plane is Angelina Sosa, a brash 20-something with a degree in journalism from the esteemed University of Chicago.

Angelina decides to write a New York Times best-seller based on the skyjacking. She isn’t sure if it will be fiction or non-fiction, but she has her topic once the plane is diverted.

Thaddeus Murfee has just received front-page notoriety in the Tribune for his extraordinary courtroom defense of a World War II death camp survivor. Lately, Thaddeus' name is being mentioned at all the important lawyer gatherings as the lawyer to keep an eye on in the U.S. In fact, there is even talk about him running for public office, maybe even U.S. Senator.

Angelina tells Thaddeus she will base new best-seller on the skyjacking. Surely a Pulitzer Prize isn’t even out of reach. Thaddeus declines all interviews with Angelina and the struggle begins.

What follows is an incredible legal thriller in Moscow, where Thaddeus and Angelina are the unwilling guests of the Russian President.

Thaddeus Murfee is at the top of his game in this book. The The New York Times Best-Seller will delight all Thaddeus Murfee fans who just can’t get enough of this young lawyer.

$0.99 $3.99

The Cycle of Arawn: The Complete Trilogy

A fantasy by Edward W. Robertson

Dante Galand is young. Penniless. Alone. But devoted to learning the dark magic of his world.

His quest will take him from the city gutters to a foreign land of sorcerers. To a war for independence. And finally, to another war--this time, for his people's very survival.

THE CYCLE OF ARAWN is a complete trilogy of 1600 pages--over half a million words of strife, civil war, friendships made and broken, and one man's obsession to become the greatest sorcerer since the days of the gods.


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