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Apocryphon-Cycle Pleiades' Son

by John Sikalias

This is the first book in a new Sci-Fi series, Apocryphon-Cycle. Set in the year 2300, when the Five Factions of Humanity have seeded the near stars in an attempt to escape an over-populated and dying Earth. Even though they each now have miraculous technology at their finger tips, their existence is constantly threatened by the dangers of space and the threat of each other.

The Apocryphon-Cycle is a fresh look at our possible future. With a militaristic and epic feel, The Apocryphon-Cycle pits the descendants of humanity in a vicious struggle against each other in the eternal silence of space, as they attempt to gain control over the powerful artifacts that could mean Humanities salvation - or its destruction.

Thrown into this struggle is the 24th Centuries' citizen-centurion; JonLuk of the Athanae Faction. Raised by the military academy JonLuk has never known anything else but the defense of his home world from the war-mecha of the Combine Faction. As hostilities escalate and planets burn, JonLuk is forced to decide what he is really being to ask to die for....

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