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Parsons Green

by Fiona Bagley

When sixteen year old Cricket McLean heads to Savannah, Georgia with her widowed
mother for the summer it comes as no real surprise to her when she starts seeing
ghosts. Savannah is, after all, one of the most haunted cities in America and
Cricket has been able to see spirits her entire life. When Cricket takes a
part-time job as a tour guide at historic Chartwell House she begins to have
visions of a young servant girl, Catherine Harcourt, who was executed in the
late 1700's for the brutal slaying of her newborn child. Cricket cannot get the
young woman out of her mind and wonders what would have caused her to commit
such a horrible crime. 
With the help of a retired local historian and a not
very intuitive 'psychic', Cricket sets out to piece together the events which
led to the night of the murder. Things start to get a little more complicated
for Cricket when she meets Liam Chartwell, the handsome and almost annoyingly
good-natured teenage descendant of the original owners of the house. 
Catherine's ghost isn't the only spirit wandering around the beautiful but
decaying old home. As Cricket gets closer to discovering the truth of what
really happened so many years ago, she finds that someone or something is
determined to make sure that a very old secret is never revealed. 
two hundred years with the beautiful city of Savannah as it's backdrop, Parsons
Green tells the story of love and loss as it is experienced by two girls
separated by the centuries.

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