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Laser O'Hara Series (The Hole in Eighth Level)

by John Deakins

Laser O'Hara and his younger sister Gabby find themselves in a dire predicament after their family has been relocated, discovered, and then threatened because of the research of their long missing scientist father. Luckily, through instructions his Dad has left coded and hidden for him in case of such a threat, Laser is able to build an L.D.D., a machine that makes it possible to travel inter-dimensional levels and to find and rescue their trapped father. Exciting ,sometimes scary, and even humorous events unfold when they unexpectedly pick up a couple of unplanned travelers. The greatest challenge for the kids is to stop an evil plan from collapsing all the levels and ultimately bringing about the destruction of the multiple worlds where they have learned to love and trust themselves and other wonderfully diverse beings. This book is a great triumph for illustrating the ongoing battle between good and evil...the dynamics of love and hate...and the complexities that often come with discerning the difference. You will want to continue on with Laser and Gabby as they pursue more adventures together discovering, shedding light on, and solving universal mysteries and intriguing enigma and puzzles. .

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