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Earthaways: First Wink

by Brenda J. Carlton

   In this less than serious short story, leprechauns and ET's are not only the same thing -- they are also literally a barrel of monkeys. And humans have never been the smartest creatures on the planet.

     The //\ were left behind to monitor our planet tens of thousands of years ago.  They have been called leprechauns, or fairies, or elves, or one of hundreds of other names. They live in hiding, watching and waiting for humans to develop. But the secret is beginning to fray around the edges.
     Suzanne, a primatologist at the Philadelphia Zoo, has published a book proposing that the legendary creatures are based on sightings of a secretive species of real, intelligent primates. A pair of adolescent //\ are chafing against the restrictions of their lives and beginning to bend the rules. Two intelligent species on Earth are about to meet.

     (Warning: Contains adult material -- if you are an adult leprechaun)


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