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The Secretary Slammed! A Rough MFM Office Erotica Story

by Kitty Lee

Helen can’t help herself. She’s dreamed and fantasized about Steve, who delivers office supplies once a month. He consumes her thoughts, and is really the only man she wants (since as far as she’s concerned her boss is off limits.) On one particular Tuesday, she can’t help herself, and before she knows it she’s on her knees in the stationery closet with her mouth full. That’s when her boss walks in! Alistair knows exactly what he wants, and now he has the chance to take it, so Helen ends up right in the middle of a rough and reluctant double team sex encounter complete with her first anal sex and a red-hot double penetration!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a rough MFM threesome sex encounter. It includes double team sex, office sex, rough sex, reluctant sex, forced deepthroat, first anal sex, and double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

“Helen, I can’t stand for this,” Alistair said in a hushed voice. “You’ve pushed me too far this time. I can take lateness, I can take untidiness, but I cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour. I’m sorry – but you’re FIRED!”
The words hit me like a harsh slap around the face. I couldn’t believe it. Alistair was actually firing me!! I thought that our friendship was stronger than that. I thought I meant more to him than that! But I noticed that there was a hint of something other than shock and anger in his voice as he spoke. He was jealous! He was jealous of what I was doing with Steve, when I’d turned down every single advance that Alistair had made towards me throughout the entire time I had been his secretary. I saw an opportunity and, without thinking, I went for it.
“Please!” I begged, turning to look Alistair square in the face, fluttering my eyelashes and doing my best to look forlorn. “I’ll do anything, Alistair! Anything you want! Just please don’t fire me.”
Steve was looking more and more uncomfortable by the second, but I just ignored him. He stood there dumbly while I took a step towards Alistair and grabbed his crotch. He was already erect, just as I’d expected. The sight of me sucking cock while teasing my pussy had a bigger effect on him than he wanted to admit.
“I’ll do both of you,” I whispered, glancing at Steve “right now. You can share me. Share my pussy. Share my dirty mouth – just let me keep my job.”
Alistair’s breath caught in his chest and he stood there for a moment staring at me. Then without a word of protest, he sprang into action. He grabbed my blouse and tore it open, then pulled me in to a hard, passionate kiss. Steve took this as his cue and grabbed my ass, squeezing it hard.
I gasped at how rough they were being, shocked by how quickly they each slipped into the role.


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