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by Marian Tee

This novel contains mature content. It is most suitable for readers 18 years old and above.

PARK like no guy I've ever met. He's a 20-year-old Nordic god with a strange accent. Most times, when we're (literally) fighting like cats & dogs, I prefer to think of him as the blond gorilla, a foul-mouthed jerk who goes out of his way to be rude because he hates girls. 

VIOLET the only girl who's shrieked her way under my skin. She may be the hottest girl I've ever seen, but she's also a banshee, a midget, and my worst nightmare. One look at her and I knew she used to be the Queen of Flirts, the type who likes playing hard to get before eventually letting herself get caught. But something's happened in her past and now she can't get enough distance between her and all the boys in the world. Well, all the boys

Both Park and Violet carry scars in their hearts that they're desperate to hide. In each other, they find the unlikeliest allies, a way to keep themselves apart from everyone else and, more importantly, from ever falling in love again.

Yet when they're not on each other's throats Park and Violet can't help succumbing to the intense chemistry between them. As kisses outnumber hisses, there's a question that's getting harder and harder for the two to ignore.

Is it time to risk their hearts again?

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