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Storm Warrior (Traveling To America)

by WL Cox

An inspiring saga of a young boy that becomes orphaned when when his English father and Chinese mother are murdered by a marauding war lord. Raised in China by Buddhist Monks, he is educated and trained in martial arts. At age 21 he signs on as a laborer aboard a cargo ship in exchange for a one way trip to America. At sea he and the other Chinese are forced into slavery and robbed of their personal possessions. After arriving in Boston he escapes after killing the cruel co-captain and travels west on foot as he encounters numerous hazards. He is tracked by a tough ex-sheriff turned bounty hunter. He escapes capture after crossing the Missouri River but is soon captured by a roving war party of Sioux. The Sioux give him the name "Storm Warrior" after observing him praying and soon after a tornado wipes out a rival war party traveling at night to get ahead of them to lay a trap. Later he is accepted into the Sioux Nation and becomes blood brother to an important chief. The story is laced with battles, adventure, love, mystery, and the building of many lifelong friendships, including the bounty hunter that had tracked him to the Missouri River.This is the first book of a series where Storm Warrior learns his true name, parental lineage, and the fortune his father has waiting for him.

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