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Life Without Refrigeration

by Susan Gregersen

Why would you ever be without refrigeration? There are a lot of reasons why this could happen. It could be voluntary, such as moving to an off-grid property, or involuntary, such as the electric power grid going down due to a natural disaster or terrorist/war act.

Perhaps your refrigerator will quit working at a time when you can’t afford to replace it, or maybe you want to lower your electric bills or reduce your impact on the planet.

Whether it's voluntary or involuntary, it usually involves a lot of life changes or a lot of frantic work to preserve the food from a refrigerator or freezer. It's a good idea to have some back-up plans and information, just in case.

Another in the collection of Ms. Gregersen's self-sufficiency books, this fills a niche by covering a subject where information is often lacking. Some readers will remember doing these things in the old days, or hearing their parents or grandparents talking about them and enjoy the trip down memory lane. The author's own broad experiences of living without refrigeration in several climates and locales help make this book an interesting read.

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