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The Seductive Pleasures of Chocolate

by Myriam

Myriam, the author of this unique chocolate book recipe, has compiled the best of her chocolate making experiences into this beautifully illustrated book, just in time for the holidays. This sassy, fun and entertaining cookbook provides clear and simple steps for creating the most delectable chocolate desserts. Too many recipe books take the fun out of baking, turning it into a chore instead of a pleasurable experiences and memorable moments to share with your loved ones. Myriam makes melting chocolate for Marshmallow Cream Fondue a thrill, and creating the perfect silky chocolate pie a cinch! Her chocolate recipes are easy to follow and filled with fun facts.
With 69 exquisite recipes for everything from Black Forest Chocolate Cheesecake to Midnight Delight Chocolate Cake and Honey Pecan Granola Chocolate Bars, you will be hard-pressed to decide which treat to make tonight. Whether you are a chocolate gourmand or a dessert fanatic, ‘The Seductive Pleasures of Chocolate’ will teach you many fun ways to enjoy delicious and delectable treats that will impress your most persnickety critic and satisfy every of your chocolate craving. Whether you bake for yourself or for others, you will come back to this book again and again for holiday treats, birthday bashes, and everyday inspiration. Here is for you a compelling and charismatic book that allows you to enjoy the process of preparing exquisite chocolate desserts. You will feel gratified by the clear and simple process and feel highly rewarded by the succulent results.

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