2 in 1 Homemade Dog Food Cookbook + Nutritional Guide: Understanding Your Pet’s Dietary Needs With 100+ Wonderful Recipes for Puppies, Senior Dogs

By (author)Grace Mathew

Unlock the secrets to your dog’s nutrition and give them the gift of a healthy, fulfilling life with this 2 in 1 guide. Gain valuable insights into their dietary needs and discover an array of tail-wagging recipes for every meal, including special dietary and herbal-based options. Transform your relationship with your furry friend and show them the love and care they deserve by getting your copy today.


How well do you understand your dog’s nutrition? Do you know if the meals you’re feeding your pet, is the right diet? Or are you just guessing and giving your pet random meals without even knowing if it’s beneficial or harmful to them?Our dogs deserve all the care and love we can give to them. And how else do you do that if not by taking good care of them, understanding the nutrition they need so they can have an healthy growth?This book is a 2 in 1 guide that discusses important nutritional information you need to know about your furry friend, and a lot of incredible meal recipes to follow.Below are some things you’ll gain after getting this book:✓ You’ll have a better understanding of what nutrition your dog needs✓ You get tips on how to help transition your dog from store bought foods to homemade food✓ The dietary needs for your puppy, adult dog or senior dogs ✓ Tail wagging recipes for: • breakfast, lunch and dinner • dietary food like gluten free, low fat, grain free and many more • herbal based food • treats and snacks and many moreGet a copy of this book for yourself and see how your relationship with your dog transforms to a fulfilling and joyful one.