$5 Meals Cookbook: 50 Budget Friendly Recipes

By (author)Debbie Madson

Learn how to eat healthy on a small budget and stretch your dollar in style with this cookbook. From frugal breakfast and dinner recipes to snacks and lunch ideas, this book is perfect for those looking to save money without sacrificing delicious meals. With simple, budget-friendly ingredients and quick preparation, you can enjoy healthy and affordable dishes without breaking the bank.


Stretch that dollar in style without having tosacrifice your favorite meals. This book shows you how to eat healthy on a small budget, whether cooking at college, feeding a family or justtrying to live frugally. It’s a perfect cookbook for those with alimited budget.. The cookbook is loaded with healthy recipes that take extremely little time to prepare and have very few ingredients that are relatively cheap. Most of the ingredients are typical items found in almost everykitchen; there are no exotic spices in the cookbook that you have to gosearching for all over the town.. Included in the Cookbook are: Frugal Breakfast Recipes Frugal Snacks Frugal Dinner Recipes Frugal Lunch RecipesWe can’t calculate how much it will cost at your store to make these meals but we’ve included our favorite low cost meals that cost us $5 or less