9tales Told in the Dark #3

Indulge in 9 bone-chilling tales of control, evil, and impending doom as 8 authors bring your worst nightmares to life in this gripping collection. From waking evil to bloody futures, each story will leave you on the edge of your seat. *Warning: Not suitable for younger audiences.


It’s time for some more terror, and what better way to deliver it than 9 gruesome tales of people who think they are in control. Join us as evil wakes, the future turns bloody, that past lingers, and death awaits. 8 authors have risen to the challenge, eager to make your blood curl. In this release: Table of Contents THE PATH —– By Daniel J. Kirk BICYCLE GAME—-By Thomas Anderson SKIN OF A WITCH —–By Rik Hunik REDMAN—-By Sara Greene AMONG THE HOODOOS—–By Jeffery Scott Sims BESS—–By John Grey THE LONELY-EYED STRANGER—–By Jason Palmer PARTY SHIP OF DEATH—–By Rik Hunik LAKES AND SHADOWS—-By Bennett Durkan *Warning some content may not be suitable for younger audiences.

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