A Curse of Hope and Shadows: Part I


Discover a haunting tale of forbidden love and unseen dangers in “A Curse of Hope and Shadows.” Adeline, a companion to a cursed young lord, defies the odds and wins his heart, only to uncover a curse that is far from over. This emotional, slow-burn romance will captivate your heart and leave you yearning for more. As acclaimed author L.V. Russell says, “Leave your heart at the door, lest this book bring it to ruins.”


You have sheared my home from me, Dimitri Von Mortimer. You have taken whatever feeling of safety I knew and twisted it around yourself.

But I cannot go back to you. I cannot.

Taking a job as a companion to a young lord afflicted by a horrifying curse, Adeline Elsing is initially met with anger and hostility. Unperturbed by his strange appearance and foul temper, she soon wins him over with her cheerful, no-nonsense attitude.

But as their feelings grow from friendship to something forbidden, they soon discover the curse is far from over…

And that hope is the most painful curse of all.

An emotional, slow-burn romance of forbidden love, unseen dangers, and the haunting hold of grief.

Praise for “A Curse of Hope and Shadows”:

“Leave your heart at the door, lest this book bring it to ruins.” L.V. Russell, Author