A Desert View: a Journey Suspense Thriller, #2

By (author)Glenn Trust

Alice, a survivor with a troubled past, must use all her skills to outsmart the Vegas mob and protect her loved ones. As she navigates through the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas, she must confront her past and fight for a new life. A Desert View is a gripping suspense thriller with a hint of romance, perfect for fans of page-turning mysteries.


**Mature Content. May Not Be Suitable for Some Readers**She is a survivor.Now, it will take all of her skills to outwit the Vegas mob and protect those she loves. If she fails, she will be just another body in a hole in the desert.Alice is back, working on her new life, trying to be like everyone else…normal. But normal for Alice is very different from most. Friends, work, love…her life…are all tainted by her past and the hard years of her youth.Strong and resilient, Alice is in Las Vegas now, hoping and working for that new life. But then circumstances take her down old familiar paths and lead to an encounter with the Vegas mob as she tries to protect those she loves.A page-turning suspense thriller with a touch of romance, A Desert View is the second book in The Journey Series from bestselling author, Glenn Trust.Scroll up and grab your copy of A Desert View today!