A Dish Best Served Cold

By (author)Rosie Genova

Join National bestselling author Rosie Genova in her latest installment of the Italian Kitchen Mysteries, A Dish Best Served Cold. When a family celebration at the Casa Lido turns deadly, Victoria finds herself on a chase through Oceanside Park to solve a cold case and unravel the mystery of a down-on-his-luck friend’s untimely death. With a perfect storm of great atmosphere, likeable characters, and excellent plotting, this book is a must-read for beach lovers and Italian cuisine aficionados alike.


National bestselling author Rosie Genova reprises her tasty Italian Kitchen Mysteries for a new audience!Suspense Magazine calls A Dish Best Served Cold a “highly recommended” entry in the seriesA cold case and a boardwalk chase lead straight to murder …. When Victoria and her family host a 75th anniversary celebration at the Casa Lido, the party gets crashed twice—once by down-on-his-luck family friend Pete Petrocelli, and then by a seasonal hurricane, leaving much of Oceanside Park without power. When the lights come back on, a drunken Pete is the only casualty of the storm, found face down in the flooded carousel house on the boardwalk. Though his death appears to be an accident, Victoria remembers Pete saying he “knew things” that would make a good mystery story.. As Victoria digs deeper, she uncovers a missing family relative presumed dead in Italy, Atlantic City crime connections, and cold case that gets hotter by the minute. Turns out Pete did have a story to tell—one that nobody ever got to hear. . .. “A perfect storm of great atmosphere, likeable characters, excellent plotting, and nifty transitions between New Jersey’s past and present. Highly recommended!“-Suspense Magazine. “Once again, Rosie Genova’s writing sparkles!”-Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick. The Jersey shore setting, lovingly depicted by Jersey girl Rosie Genova, virtually becomes another character in her series. If you’re a beach lover, and especially if you’re an aficionado of Italian cuisine, you’ll love this book (and the Italian Kitchen series).” -Jane Reads. “Genova captures the essence of family, the good and the bad, and combines it with a complex mystery. She deftly melds a great ensemble cast of developed characters with humor in a fully realized locale and creates a fun, cozy read.” -Cozy Up with Kathy. [This is a new edition of a book previously published by Penguin Random House under title A Dish Best Served Cold. Its contents have been slightly updated.]