A Hero’s Devotion

By (author)Tessa Layne


Retired Navy SEAL Travis Kincaid is obsessed with single mom Elaine Ryder, but knows she’s safest at a distance. However, when protecting her becomes his top priority, their undeniable connection brings them closer together. As Elaine’s past threatens her safety, will Travis come to her rescue or abandon her like the rest?


**This book was formerly titled A Hero’s Honor**. Retired Navy SEAL Travis Kincaid is Obsessed…For two years, Prairie’s Chief of Police hasn’t been able to get single mom Elaine Ryder out of his head. Her gentle strength, shy smile, and luscious curves soothe the ruthless savage that still lurks inside of him. But he knows better than anyone that the people he’s sworn to protect – here at home and downrange, often end up in the ground. As much as he’d like to bring Elaine into his bed and into his heart, she’s safest at a distance. Until protecting her from a dirty cop with political ambition becomes his number one mission, and the closer he can keep Elaine, the better.He only wants her…Travis Kincaid is too good to be true. Deep down, Elaine knows she’s not nice-guy material. The Prince Charmings of the world never want women from the wrong side of the track, women with… history. Yet with the brooding lawman who holds secrets behind his eyes watching her every move, helping her at every turn, caring for her son like a real father, making her feel safe, desirable, and wanted – she can’t help but fall head over heels for the warrior whose internal scars match her own. When Elaine’s shady past becomes the weapon of a power-thirsty madman, will Travis abandon her like all the rest or will her knight in shining armor come riding to her rescue once and for all?