A Hop by the Sea

By (author)Laurel Lorenzini


In this heartwarming and award-winning book, two friends find themselves unexpectedly running a makeshift medical clinic after a seaside picnic turns into a series of sports mishaps. As they provide care and comfort to their unexpected guests, they form deep and lasting bonds, discovering the healing power of friendship. Join the adventure and learn about compassion and resilience in this delightful and cheerful tale told in verse.


This heartwarming story of friendship and resilience starts with a seaside picnic that takes an unexpected turn. Two friends, looking forward to a peaceful afternoon, are caught off guard when a series of sports mishaps lead to them setting up a makeshift medical clinic. The unlikely duo must rely on each other to provide care and comfort to their unexpected guests, forming deep and lasting bonds in the process. As the friends face the challenges of this unusual day with kindness and ingenuity, they discover that friendship has the power to heal. Get your copy of this feel-good story today.. This Reader’s Favorite Award-winning book shows a young audience how life doesn’t always go the way you expect, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Told in verse, this delightful tale shows how even adventurous animals can get scared or injured and need help. Teaching compassion and resilience this cheerful book will surely be a hit.