A Lion in the Cupboard: an Exciting Story Book for Children Full of Adventure, Fun, & Courage. Fantasy Tale for Children and Kids Aged 3-7 Years.

By (author)Vedika Gupta


Get ready for an enchanting adventure with “A Lion in the Cupboard” – a delightful storybook for kids featuring lovable characters and important life lessons. With engaging illustrations and a captivating mystery tale, young readers will be transported to a magical world where they learn about kindness, bravery, and friendship. Perfect for children aged 3-7, this book will cultivate the joy of reading and spark their imagination. Give your kids the gift of this special journey and watch them celebrate the amazing things around us.


A story book that brings smiles 😊Do your kids love lions? And you no longer know what stories to make up? 🦁Enter a magical world of adventure, friendship, and mystery with – “A Lion in the Cupboard”, a storybook for children where they will live the exciting adventures of these cute characters. Young readers will immerse themselves in a journey to learn about kindness and helping others in difficult situations.. What this book contains:A mystery tale divided into 10 chapters that stimulate reading page after page.Simple and clear language, perfect for 3-7 years old kids.A fairy tale book to cultivate the joy of reading and develop friendship, creativity, and imagination.Many important morals such as generosity, sincerity, respect, and friendship.Children love this book because:They will find themselves experiencing Amelia’s adventure first-hand.This book will virtually transport the little readers into a magical world of talking animals.Enchanting illustrations that bring the characters to life.They will learn how courageous and brave they could be.🎁 Give your children this special gift. Read this book together, and celebrate the amazing things around us. 💯