A Poet’s Playground: Savage Poetry for Inner Child Healing

By (author)Cheydrea

Enter the raw and emotional journey of healing and self-discovery in “A Poet’s Playground” as the author bravely confronts trauma, abandonment, and dysfunctional family systems through the evocative power of poetry. This inspirational memoir promotes themes of self-acceptance, inner-strength, and deep human connection, offering a beacon of hope for anyone seeking to reclaim their voice and empower themselves through healing. Join Cheydrea on her transformative path and dare to feel, heal, and be your true self in this powerful exploration of personal growth.


In these raw and deeply personal verses, the author invites you to bear witness to her innermost struggles and triumphs as she navigates the tumultuous waters of healing from trauma, abandonment, neglect, and dysfunctional family systems. This isn’t your typical self-help guide with quick fixes; instead, it’s a brave exploration of the raw emotions and experiences that accompany the process of inner child healing.Through the evocative power of poetry, Cheydrea delves into the depths of her own healing journey, offering a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the process of purging toxic patterns, re-parenting the wounded inner child, and ultimately reclaiming her voice and self-empowerment. Each page is a testament to the cathartic power of self-reflection, as the author courageously confronts her pain and embraces the transformative journey toward healing and growth. These verses serve as a beacon of hope for anyone who has ever felt trapped by their past, reminding us that true healing begins with the courage to confront our deepest wounds and honor our own voices.Cheydrea encourages readers to dare to feel, dare to heal, and ultimately dare to be their true selves. This inspirational book promotes themes of self-expression, self-discovery, self-acceptance, grief and growth, inner-strength and deep human connection. If you seek a powerful memoir about personal growth and healing, join Cheydrea on her courageous path of transformation in “A Poet’s Playground.”NOTE:This book includes Author Art, Author Quotes, and LARGER print (print version) to keep your eyes happy and comfortable. The print version is a work of art that will make a cherished piece for your bookshelf or a wonderful gift to give to someone that you know is struggling with emotional pain.. www.cheydrea.com @cheydrea on all social media.