A Promise Bright and Fragile: the Prequel to an Island Strange and Wild

By (author)Lisa Amowitz


Tyler Fredericks, an orphan with a mysterious past, is determined to escape his unsettling uncle and pursue his academic dreams, even as he grapples with his forbidden love for Rosalie. But when an enticing scholarship offer pulls him back to the Maine island of his birth, Tyler must confront his past and the inexplicable events that threaten his sanity in this gripping tale of homecoming and self-discovery.


Orphaned young and thrust into foster care, 18-year-old Tyler Fredericks remembers nothing of Salttain, the mysterious Maine island where he was born. His only link to his past is the shadowy Uncle Randy, a man whose unsettling presence makes Tyler feel as if his thoughts are being twisted.. Desperate to break free, Tyler relies on his stellar academic record, his uncanny knack for winning people over, and his secret love for Rosalie Gatell, the brilliant and beautiful daughter of a legendary climate activist. Rosalie is still grieving her father’s death, and Tyler has promised to never attend the Maine university where he taught—to always be there for her.. But when Uncle Randy dangles an irresistible scholarship offer, Tyler’s plans unravel, dragging him back to the one place he swore he’d never go. As inexplicable events begin to threaten the fabric of his reality, he must fight to maintain his sanity—and discover whether it’s true that you can’t go home again.