A Rainbow for Lunch

By (author)Dr. Pongo


“A Rainbow For Lunch is a delightful rhyming children’s book that explores the benefits of a healthy diet through an adorable story and silly puns. With scientifically researched information about good nutrition, colorfully illustrated pages, and a glossary to expand vocabulary, this book is a fun way to encourage good eating habits for children of all ages.”


A Rainbow For Lunchis a rhyming children’s book with an adorable story and silly punsthat highlight the colors of a healthy diet and good nutrition.It shows the benefits of fruits and vegetables in a very fun way,to encourage good eating habits and healthy food choices every day.So get ready to …. Become a true fruits-and-veggies loveras you learn and discoverwhat happens when Dar’s motherpacks him a lunch full of color.. BOOK FEATURES:Scientifically researched information about the daily do’s of good nutritionPart of the Dar’s Daily Do’s series of rhyming children’s books with fun stories, silly puns and little life lessonsColorfully illustrated pages for children of all agesInspired by true events with relatable sentimentsGlossary at the end of the story to expand vocabulary word inventoryWritten and published with the love of a mommy and the thoughts of an M.D.Edited by Trinh Le @thehowtoduo, a teacher who earned her M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, has over 20 years’ experience in leadership development and education, and was awarded Teacher of the Year 2021