A Stranger in Featherwood Falls

By (author)Heather Reyburn

In “Featherwood Station,” Ginny Shepherd fights to protect her family’s property as suspicious incidents threaten her livelihood. When a stranger arrives with a forgotten token, he becomes entwined in the mystery, sparking a dangerous attraction with Ginny and raising questions about his true intentions. As danger escalates, Ginny’s life hangs in the balance, and the truth behind her husband’s death becomes more elusive than ever.


To lose a loved one is tragic, but to lose a lifetime of dreams? Unthinkable.. Alone on a two thousand hectare sheep and cattle property, Ginny Shepherd questions her husband’s sudden death, convinced it was no accident. As a series of farm related incidents unravel, heightening her suspicions, her livelihood is put under threat. Featherwood Station is Ginny’s lifeblood—her passion, her home, and her haven and she is determined it will stay that way. But it seems someone else wants the property as much as she does and will stop at nothing to get it.When a stranger finds a forgotten token gifted to him as a child, distant memories set him on a path to pursue his grandfather’s dream. But, greeted with more questions than answers, he finds life in the heart of Queensland’s Granite Belt more difficult than expected.A smouldering attraction forms between he and Ginny, alarm bells sound and frightening events escalate. Ginny’s life is in danger.Is the stranger who he says he is? Or could it be that someone has a grudge to settle?