A Twist in the Telling:

By (author)Ben Stevens

Experience 11 unique and captivating stories by Ben Stevens, including tales with unexpected twists like “A Ghost,” “Abe’s Revenge,” and “The Chimney Thief.” Readers rave about the explosive endings, clever storytelling, and unexpected life lessons – making this a must-read collection for fans of short stories and mystery.


11 unique and captivating stories. Several of which have a distinct ‘twist’ (or two)…From Ben Stevens, author of The Ennin Mysteries.Contents: A Ghost Abe’s Revenge Captain Coffin The Mission The Demon of Millsworth Colliery A Death at the Manor War Pigeon The Statue A Lesson in Dishonesty The Hoxley Killer The Chimney Thief AMAZON reviews for selected titles: ‘This is a story of life, love, sadness and triumph. Sometimes love is closer than we are capable of knowing. The ending of this short story is super! Most highly recommended…’ Chief, USN Ret…VT Town TOP 500 REVIEWER (A GHOST) ‘Boom! Excellent short story with one heck of an explosive ending! I sure didn’t see that one coming, and neither did Zukie! Yep, I’d recommend this story and author…’ Lisa (ABE’S REVENGE) ‘A clever tale that keeps you guessing. As much as I enjoy his Ennin Mysteries, I hope Mr. Stevens writes more stories (or even full-length novels) like this one as well…’ MissScarlett (A DEATH AT THE MANOR) ‘Nothing like a quick little life lesson. Be it Karma, what comes around goes around, or however you word it, do unto others is the point of this short but well worth the read story…’ AC (A LESSON IN DISHONESTY) ‘I was laughing out loud when poor Jerry fell into the nettle patch!… A wonderful twist at the end which I always appreciate…’ CT (THE CHIMNEY THIEF)