Above the Circle of the Moon: an 18th Century Werewolf Thriller

By (author)T.M. Tucker

In the historical fiction novel set in Jamaica, Cyrus yearns for freedom but becomes a monster when he learns his father is a werewolf. Captured and imprisoned, Cyrus is faced with the choice to save himself and his father from a life of savagery and bloodshed.


All he wanted was his freedom.
Instead, he became a monster.

Jamaica, 1766: Cyrus, the mixed race son of a white plantation overseer and a black slave woman, has always yearned for freedom. When he learns of a planned revolt by the Maroons, the native free blacks, he grabs his chance and escapes to join the rebellion.

But Cyrus’s plans are shattered when he is recaptured and imprisoned, and he is shocked to discover that his father is a werewolf. He learns he will inherit the curse forever unless he kills his father and severs the lycanthrope bloodline.

As the English scientist Melchior Croll abducts both father and son to study the secret of immortality, Cyrus is torn between his loyalty to his father and the desire to be free. He must find a way to save himself and his father, or become doomed to a life of savagery and bloodshed. Read more Continue reading Read less