Acceptance Spell

By (author)Vivian Blake

In this steamy holiday romance, Cami finds herself torn between her desire to be accepted by her family and her craving for freedom and pleasure. With a little magic and the arrival of a new neighbor, Cami’s views may be forever changed as she navigates unexpected encounters and discovers what truly makes her happy. Please note that this book contains explicit content and is intended for adult readers.


When all you want is to be accepted for who you are and what makes you happy, it can be difficult around the holidays when your family doesn’t see things the same way. What if all it took was a little magic, and a new neighbor to change their minds?

Cami doesn’t want a relationship. She wants to do whatever and whoever she wants, when she wants it. When it comes to seeking pleasure, she has a preferred method; As many guys as she can get at her favorite bar. Her method serves her well until one night she hooks up with a man who could change her views if she lets him.

Resigned to have a good day with the family for Thanksgiving, Cami releases an Acceptance Spell into the air, hoping for the best. When she shows up to dinner with the family, she’s unsure whether it did any good. To top that off, the guy from the bar shows up with his wife, sending her into a panic of epic proportions. It quickly becomes obvious that not only does he still want her, but so does his wife. Unable to keep her feelings in check with a desperate need for him, Cami may be about to have the best feast of her life, and not just Thanksgiving dinner.

Disclaimer: This book contains scenes of graphic sexual encounters between consenting adults and is not intended for minor readers.