After Everyone Died

By (author)Sean Little


In a post-apocalyptic world empty of humanity, Twist and his neighbor’s Labrador, Rowdy, must band together to survive the long, cold Wisconsin winter. As the only living beings left, they face isolation and hopelessness, scavenging supplies and holding onto the belief that others may still be alive. Their story is a gripping tale of survival in a world where boredom and loneliness pose the greatest threat.


The Flu-that’s what everyone called it-culled the primate population of the planet. It struck hard and fast, wiping out the whole of humanity. For reasons he can’t understand, Twist is left alive to face the apocalypse alone. Well, not entirely alone-his neighbor’s gassy Labrador, Rowdy, tags along for the ride. Twist and Rowdy are forced to face the new post-apocalypse world together, holing up in the local library and scavenging supplies to outlast a long, cold Wisconsin winter. Twist has to adapt to the emptiness and isolation of an empty world and come to terms with the fact that he might be the only person left alive in the entire world. In a world where boredom and loneliness are the greatest threat, Twist must survive, keeping the hope that others might be alive, as well.