Ai High: Live Free, Get Rich, and Become a Marijuana Magician by Developing Your Artificial Intelligence Superpowers

By (author)Eli Duffy

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence with AI High, the ultimate guide to gaining freedom and wealth through practical AI strategies. Written by cannabis entrepreneur Eli Duffy, this book reveals the most powerful AI tactics to grow and create top-quality cannabis products, making it essential for anyone looking to revolutionize their industry.


AI High is a Step-By-Step, How to Guide, that teaches readers how to use artificial intelligence to gain freedom, get rich, and live the life of their dreams. The book is written for anyone who wants more freedom and wealth in their lives, and it focuses on using AI in a simple, practical, and powerful way. AI High also unlocks some of the most powerful AI tactics, strategies, and tools to grow the best cannabis and create the highest quality cannabis infused products in the world. The author, Eli Duffy, is a cannabis entrepreneur recognized as the AI Cannabis pioneer and “OG”, who has lead award winning AgTech companies and built some of the first Artificial Intelligence used by the industry’s leading Cannabis companies to increase their profits and quality in their cultivation and extraction businesses.