Alien Bracelet

By (author)Laurel Lorenzini


Join the mischievous adventure of five lovable aliens as they visit an elementary school with a brave student on their first day. This 5-star Reader’s Favorite award-winning children’s book is full of hilarious hijinks and heartwarming lessons that will entertain and inspire young readers. Get ready to laugh out loud and believe in yourself with “Alien Bracelet” by Laurel Lorenzini.


There are certain things students expect on their first day of school, but aliens are not one of them. When a group of mischievous alien visitors land on Earth, they find one brave student willing to show them around an elementary school. Although the aliens convince the boy that they will remain hidden, they can’t help but get into trouble. Enjoy a laugh-out-loud story about friendship, courage, and out-of-this-world hijinks.. This 5-star Reader’s Favorite award-winning science fiction children’s picture book is both adventurous and hilarious. Aimed for 5 to 8-year-old schoolchildren, younger children will also enjoy the colorful aliens and humorous pictures.. “The story is written in a warm and upbeat manner. Despite their naughty pranks, the alien characters in this story are lovable. The ending of this imaginative tale should encourage children to believe in themselves and their abilities to face difficult situations, like bringing five aliens on a secret mission to school. This is a heartwarming story that children will love!” – Reviewed by Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite. “Alien Bracelet by Laurel Lorenzini is a fun little book to read. The illustrations by Gabriel San Martin are delightful. The plot is exciting and full of adventures.”“In Alien Bracelet by Laurel Lorenzini, five aliens give an assignment to a young boy on his first day of third grade. The five are attached to a bracelet that the young boy is to wear to school. What possibly could go wrong? After all, the aliens are just here to observe. You guessed it! If anything could go wrong, it did. Each of the aliens takes a turn interacting with the schoolchildren. The confusion and mess that follow are humorous. Your children will spend time laughing as they read this book.”- Reviewed by Philip Van Heusen for Readers’ Favorite. “Overall, Alien Bracelet is a fun read that is sure to elicit a few naughty giggles and lighten the mood before tucking the littles into bed.”- Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite. “It’s a funny tale – one that is a must-read for entertainment and potential discussion.”- Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite