Alien Hunter’s Fated – a Scifi Alien Abduction Romance

By (author)Vivian Venus

In “Alien Hunter’s Fated,” a deadly sickness threatens Tor’s people until a shooting star brings Kaylee, a human from Earth, to his planet. As they navigate the dangerous alien jungle, Kaylee and Tor form a steamy and dangerous romance in this standalone sci-fi alien romance.


His people ravaged by a deadly sickness, Tor is the last hunter of the Ulduuk. After desperately praying to his gods for help, Tor witnesses a light burning through the night sky. The shooting star that Tor thinks is the answer to his calls is actually an escape pod containing one passenger: Kaylee Mentz, a human from Earth. On the run from an abusive relationship, Kaylee was trying to start life anew on the off-world colonies when her shuttle got into a terrible accident, sending her hurtling down to the jungle covered surface of Tor’s planet. Kaylee is just a regular old girl with no clue how to survive in a dangerous alien jungle, so when the beast-like Tor comes to her rescue, she gladly accepts…even though he seems to think she’s been sent by the divine to help him repopulate his species! Marooned with the sexy alien, Kaylee decides to learn his ways…but can she resist the temptation of fate? Alien Hunter’s Fated is a standalone, HEA sci-fi alien romance with adventure on a lush and dangerous jungle planet, a hunky alien hunter, and smoking hot sex scenes! For 18+ only!