Alpha’s Enigmatic Mate

By (author)Siberia Carroll

Vincent’s 18th birthday should have been a cause for celebration, as he found his mate in the woods while camping with friends. Despite her human form and feisty nature, he was utterly confused and determined to understand her alien language in order to claim her as his own.


Vincent should have been happy, not just happy but over the moon happy, cause unlike his brother who had to wait years to find his mate, he had found his on his 18th birthday itself. . He had found her in the woods where he had gone camping with his friends. He should have been happy. So, what if his mate was human, so what if she spoke some alien language, so what if she was yelling and screaming like a lunatic, so what if she was ready to kill anyone who got near her and so what if she was a feisty wild cat. . He should have been happy. . But all he was, was utterly confused, wondering what moon goddess thought while giving him this mate. He had a long way to claim his mate, and the start would be to understand what the hell she was speaking.