An Echo Through the Veil

By (author)Bonnie Wynne


In “An Echo Through the Veil,” Gwyn must harness her ancient power to stop the sorceress Ailbhe Ahriddin from unleashing hell on the world. As the dead rise and plague sweeps the land, Gwyn embarks on a treacherous journey to the kingdom of Shatse in search of a secret that could save them all. With reality unraveling, Gwyn may need to venture beyond the Sixth Circle of the Lurk and into the crumbling center of Death itself. This heart-stopping penultimate installment in Bonnie Wynne’s epic fantasy series, The Price of Magic, will leave readers on the edge of their seats.


She will shatter the veil between life and death, bringing calamity, pestilence, blight.The sorceress Ailbhe Ahriddin has cracked wide the gates of Death and loosed hell upon an unsuspecting world. Plague sweeps the land, and the dead begin to rise from their tombs.. Gwyn, still reeling from the fallout of her battle with the Scion Iahta, is the only one who can set things right – if she dares to harness the ancient power stirring inside her.. An emperor’s invitation leads Gwyn to the fabled kingdom of Shatse, whose mist-wreathed depths may hold the secret that will save them. But is she willing to pay the price the emperor demands?. With hope fading and reality beginning to unravel, Gwyn may need to go where even necromancers fear to tread – beyond the Sixth Circle of the Lurk, to the crumbling centre of Death itself.. An Echo Through the Veil is the heart-stopping penultimate instalment in Bonnie Wynne’s epic fantasy series, The Price of Magic.