An Empty Tree: a Journey Series Suspense Thriller, #1

By (author)Glenn Trust

Uncover the gripping journey of four individuals as they navigate through twisted mysteries and deadly encounters in An Empty Tree, the thrilling first installment of The Journey Series by bestselling author Glenn Trust. With twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat, this hard-boiled suspense novel will leave you eager for the next book in the series. Don’t miss out on this captivating page-turner – get your copy today!


*Mature content. May not be suitable for some readers.*Her blue eyes were luminous. They saved her life… for a while.Four people begin a journey. It will lead them to a deadly meeting on a country road beside an Iowa cornfield. Along the way, a mystery unravels through twists and turns that have you wondering who the “good guys and bad guys” are. The final encounter leaves no doubt that things are not always as they appear.. The first book in The Journey Series, An Empty Tree is a hard-boiled, suspenseful thriller that takes the reader on a winding journey and a look into human nature. The ending will leave you wondering about the second book in the series, A Desert View and the others that have followed.From bestselling author, Glenn Trust (The Hunters Series, Sole Justice Series, Mojave Sun, Dying Embers) An Empty Tree introduces a whole new set of characters and stories sure to keep you turning pages.Scroll up and pick up your copy of An Empty Tree today!