An Ignorant Witch

By (author)E M Graham


In the Witch Kin Chronicles, Dara must hide her natural power from the aristocratic Witch Kin or face death. When rogue witch Hugh offers to teach her, she agrees, but soon realizes that a little knowledge can be more dangerous than none at all. Join Dara on her perilous journey in An Ignorant Witch, perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Seanan McGuire.


Dara was born with natural power, but it’ll be her death sentence if she’s caught.

The aristocratic Witch Kin hold the monopoly on all things magic, and Dara’s half-blood status excludes her from their ranks. She’s never been taught how to control her supernatural abilities, but she has to hide them or pay with her life.

Until Hugh arrives on the scene. He may be a rogue witch, but he’s willing to teach her some things if she’ll help him with his perilous quest. Unfortunately for her, a little knowledge can be more dangerous than none at all.

Fans of Harry Potter and Seanan McGuire will love the Witch Kin Chronicles!

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