And We Danced

By (author)Toni Mari


Seventeen-year-old Jane faces her fears to compete in the North American Junior Championships and navigate a tumultuous romance in this captivating equestrian novel. With riveting storytelling and relatable characters, “And We Danced” is a must-read for anyone who loves sports, adventure, and romance. Grab a copy for a thrilling cowboy romance that will keep you turning pages until the very end!


Top Selling Equestrian Novel for Teens and Women Everywhere!Find out why readers are saying they can’t put this novel downSeventeen-year-old Jane has found the horse of her dreams or so she thinks. Windsong has the breeding, training, and flashy good looks to win medals at national competitions, and Jane figures she’ll point him down the centerline and waltz out of the arena with enough blue ribbons to overflow her tack trunk. He is a tall, black, imported Swedish Warmblood trained to the Grand Prix level, the epitome of elegance and grace whenever he is not carrying on like a fire-breathing dragon. He’s scary. The thought of climbing aboard makes her limbs jittery and her brain stop working. She’s not sure she can handle a horse like Windsong and neither is the inconsiderate, condescending Stetson-wearing lout she is forced to work with at the barn. Cory openly questions Jane’s horsemanship. And worse, Kate, Jane’s beloved trainer, seemingly sides with him! Tempers blaze and horseshoes fly, but something else begins to spark. Can Jane overcome her fear of Windsong to win her goal of competing in the North American Junior Championships and not lose her heart at the same time?What readers are saying about And We Danced:5 Stars: If you love horses, you will love this book.5 Stars: Riveting. This book had everything covered. It provoked a multitude of emotions.5 Stars: Captivating Read. Loved this book! AAA+++ The writer’s style pulls you into the story and you can’t put this book down!5 Stars: Everyone can read and enjoy this book, even if they are not familiar with showing horses.˃˃˃ Do You Love Sports? Adventure? Romance? This book has it!This story about a teen dressage rider is the first in a three-book series that follows her developing career in equestrian competition. Jane is an ordinary girl who dreams a big dream: to compete and win a national championship. She learns that it takes guts and persistence and support from some very special people to make it to the top.This book is not just for horse-crazy teens. It captivates women and young adults who love any outdoor sport. It is a cowboy romance, a coming-of-age story, and an action adventure that keeps you turning pages, or tapping your Kindle, until the very end. Take a look inside and see what you think.˃˃˃ Revised with No Profanity for Teens and Young Adults.Scroll up and grab a copy today.