Anxiety Girl Falls Again: Sadie Valentine Is About to Discover That You Can Run from the Past, But You Cannot Change It. the Sequel to the Critically Acclaimed Anxiety Girl.

By (author)Lacey London


Get ready for the highly anticipated sequel to Anxiety Girl! When counselor Sadie Valentine meets a mysterious and troubled man at her support group, she becomes determined to help him, but it may lead her back into the world she worked so hard to escape. Join Sadie as she navigates tragedy, heartbreak, and the impossible task of changing the past in this captivating series.


Following the huge success of Anxiety Girl comes the highly anticipated sequel!. Life works in mysterious ways, but sometimes the mystery is just too painful to reveal…. Becoming a counsellor for the support group that once helped her takes Sadie Valentine’s life in a completely new direction, and she soon finds herself absorbed in her role.. Knowing that she’s aiding other sufferers through their darkest days gives her the ultimate job satisfaction, but when a mysterious and troubled man attends her Anxiety Anonymous meeting, Sadie wonders if she is out of her depth.. Despite her initial concerns, she makes it her mission to be the guiding light Aidan Wilder is crying out for.. Dealing with Aidan proves trickier than she anticipated, and it’s not long before those closest to her start to express their concerns.. Just what did lead a dishevelled Aidan to the support group?. Will her desire to unearth Aidan’s story cause Sadie to fall back into the world she fought so hard to escape?. Join Sadie Valentine as she discovers that you can run from the past, but you cannot change it…. A mysterious stranger, a heartbreaking tragedy and paths that are destined to cross.. The next book in the series, ANXIETY GIRL BREAKS FREE, is now available.. The Anxiety Girl Series. Anxiety GirlAnxiety Girl Falls AgainAnxiety Girl Breaks Free. The entire Anxiety Girl trilogy is available on Kindle Unlimited. Praise for ANXIETY GIRL FALLS AGAIN -. “I could not put this book down!”. “Another wonderful read!”. “This series just gets better and better!”. “I absolutely loved it!”. “A five-star hit!”