Dawn Lee McKenna

Apparent Wind

In the coastal town of Apalachicola, Florida, a woman's body is found in the jaws of a gator, but the gator isn't the woman's killer. The chief suspect seems to be Axel Blackwell, lifelong friend of Sheriff's Office Lt. Maggie Redmond. As she and her handsome boss, Sheriff Wyatt Hamilton, try to clear an innocent man of murder, they also find their way around their newfound romance. Rich, coastal atmosphere, fully-developed characters and wry humor have made this series a perennial bestseller.


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Publisher Description

Missed the earlier books in the series? Now’s a great time to catch up! Special Kindle Countdown Deals on the first nine books, Sep 4-11, to celebrate the release of the 10th book, Overboard.



In Apalachicola, FL, what goes in the river doesn’t always stay there.

When some locals find a dead woman in the jaws of a gator, it’s fairly upsetting. When Lt. Maggie Redmond finds lifelong friend Axel Blackwell in the dead woman’s hotel room, it’s a little more upsetting than that.

Axel becomes the chief suspect in his ex-wife’s murder, but Maggie is convinced that he would never harm the beautiful but tragic Marisol Corzo.

As Axel deals with his loss, and the potential loss of his freedom, Maggie works to unravel the evidence, evidence that suggests Marisol brought about her own demise. Drug dealers from down south seek to expand their commerce to the sleepy, coastal town of Apalachicola, FL, and it seems that the dead woman is the one who led them there.

As Maggie tries to understand who Marisol really was, she also comes to terms with who she really is, and with her true connection to town crime lord Bennett Boudreaux.

Told with the dry humor, rich coastal atmosphere, and character-driven suspense for which the series is known, Apparent Wind is the 7th book in the Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense series. Although the series is best enjoyed read in order, Apparent Wind can be read as a standalone novel.

What readers are saying about the Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense Series

Not only does McKenna not disappoint, she exceeds already high expectations with this exciting, well-written sequel. The characters are multi-layered, their actions believable. And as McKenna showed in Low Tide, she can wallop you when you least expect it.


If only Dawn McKenna could write as fast as we can read.


Very few people write southerners well. This author is right there among the very best.


The forgotten Coast series has gotten like a great TV series you can’t wait for the next one to come out so you can see where its leading.


Not just absorbing and full of surprises, but impossible to predict. McKenna has an amazingly fertile imagination.


I discovered this series quite by accident. I love her in-depth characterizations, vivid imagery, and witty dialogue, all reminiscent of James Lee Burke. It’s rare to find this quality of writing on Kindle Unlimited.

The Forgotten Coast series has lyrical writing that is descriptive without going overboard (no pun intended) and a truly thrilling story line with well developed characters.





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