Baby Worries: a Funny Picture Book About a New Baby

By (author)Frances Mackay


In Baby Worries, a little one fears growing up weird as he’s compared to odd-looking relatives, sparking hilarious and imaginative worries about his future appearance. This heartwarming children’s picture book celebrates uniqueness and is perfect for ages 4-8, encouraging kindness, love, and discussing emotions. If you and your child enjoy laughing out loud, you’ll adore Frances Mackay’s brilliantly illustrated tale.


Oh, no! Is he doomed to grow up weird? New to the world, will this little one escape staring at a monster in the mirror?Baby brims with imagination. Excited about meeting the rest of the family, he’s thrilled by all the attention and cuddles. But as he’s passed around, the tot’s joy turns to horror when he’s compared to odd-looking relatives.Discovering he might develop this person’s bushy eyebrows and another’s bandy legs, the infant is terrified he’ll grow into the weirdest-looking adult. And as each well-meaning grownup gets in on the hilarity, the wee child’s inventive mind fills with crazy visions bound to keep him up at night.Can Baby become a normal boy with all the right parts where they belong?Baby Worries is a heartwarming children’s picture book. If you or your child like kindness and love, laughing out loud, and discussing emotions, then you’ll adore Frances Mackay’s brilliantly illustrated tale.Buy Baby Worries to celebrate uniqueness today!Targeted for children aged 4-8 years.