Barking Up the Right Tree Unleashing Fascinating Dog Facts: Dog Facts

By (author)Paw Wagworth

Uncover the fascinating history and details of man’s best friend in “Barking Up the Right Tree: Unleashing Fascinating Dog Facts.” From their ancient ancestry and communication methods to their impact on human culture, this book will answer all your burning questions about your canine companion. With fun facts and insights into your dog’s anatomy, this book is perfect for any dog lover looking to deepen their understanding of their furry friend.


Have you ever looked at your dog and had half a dozen questions fill through your brain?Dogs have a history as long as humans do and in all that time, they have undergone more changes than a person might expect. From hunting to companionship, these animals have worked alongside people for centuries. Your dog is not just personally significant to you, but culturally, they have even influenced mythologies. So, it makes sense that we have a few questions of our own. Like what does my dog’s bone structure look like? Why are they barking at me in such an erratic way? And, what breeds are there really?If you have asked yourself one of these questions, or perhaps others, then this book is for you. Inside Barking Up the Right Tree: Unleashing Fascinating Dog Facts, discover your dog’s:Ancestry Anatomy and physiologyMethods of communicationDifferent breedsFun facts about your dogHow they have helped people Learn a variety of interesting details about your dog, like the fact that they don’t have a collarbone. You will be able to learn fascinating details about your dog. This book will help you answer questions you do have and ones you’ve never thought of before.. Learn more about your dog while giving them a belly scratch!