Be Amazing: You Know You Want to

By (author)Sarah Coleman


Discover how to break free from the overwhelming chaos of daily life and unlock your full potential with Be Amazing: You Know You Want To. This book will show you the keys to believing in yourself and living out your dreams with the strength and faith you need to succeed. If you’re ready to embrace the amazing person you were meant to be, this book is for you.


Work deadlines. School pick-up. Dinner to cook. Lunches to pack. Some days it’s overwhelming. I know I was born for more than survival. But how can I live my dreams in the midst of this?. Let me tell you something: There is an answer.. God says you’re AMAZING.. You just have to believe it.. The keys in Be Amazing: You Know You Want To will. Give you the strength to believe God and His Word. Unlock faith in who the Word says you are. Generate the energy to walk out your dreams. If you wake wondering, “Is there more to the real me?” grab Be Amazing: You Know You Want To.