Bedtime Stories for Кids: Five Minute Stories for Boys and Girls 4-8 Years Old

By (author)Alex Fabler


Immerse your child in a world of enchanting bedtime stories that teach kindness, courage, and friendship. With 10 captivating tales featuring princesses, dragons, and more, these simple fairy tales are perfect for children ages 4-8. Let the magical world of this book bring joy and peace to your little one’s bedtime routine.


Hi everyone! This is the second edition of the bedtime book for children.In the book you will find 10 fascinating bedtime stories. Every bedtime story ends with a moral. These fairy tales teach your child kindness, courage, love for neighbor, friendship, independence and much more. Bedtime stories are suitable for both girls 4-8 years old and boys. I am absolutely sure that every child will find their favorite characters in these fairy tales! Princesses, unicorns, mermaids, dragons, evil and good wizards – all this awaits you and your child in these simple bedtime stories.. Fairy tales are written in simple language and are suitable for reading even to the youngest children.Let the minutes spent with this book bring you joy and peace. Wishing you all good dreams and a good morning!