Bewilderness: Book One

By (author)Kevin Cox


Lost memories and untamed realms lead 16-year-old Ambrielle on a journey of rediscovery that transcends worlds. As she navigates through cultural tensions and hidden secrets, she must unravel the mysteries of the Shadows to save the universe in this captivating and technologically marvelous YA novel.


Lost memories, untamed realms, and a journey of rediscovery that transcends worlds.

Trapped in a desolate oasis with no memory of her past, 16-year-old Ambrielle yearns for a life lost. Pursued by haunting whispers and menacing Shadows, she plunges into an otherworldly spring that propels her into another realm. She emerges in Anatharia, a world defined by a towering mountain and perilous, untamed forests. Rescued by Maetha, an enigmatic figure with rust-colored eyes, Ambrielle becomes entangled in the affairs of the Kavekkians, a wary people with their own secrets and prejudices.

Amidst cultural tensions and unexpected alliances, Ambrielle’s journey unfolds across breathtaking landscapes and technologically advanced realms. While rediscovering her past through fragmented memories, Ambrielle delves deeper into the mysteries of the Shadows—an ancient force with a sinister agenda to harvest and destroy the universe—where hidden secrets begin to unravel.

Praise for Bewilderness:

“Cox’s YA novel lives up to its title… striking visuals… technologically marvelous world… This meticulously crafted YA journey will challenge readers’ expectations until the last page.”Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Kevin Cox provides an engrossing story that captivates from the start.”Midwest Book Review

“Bewilderness is a brilliant mixture of fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure, and thriller, with just a hint of innocent romance thrown in for good measure…” Reader’s Favorite

“I honestly didn’t want the book to end, but the way the story wrapped up was absolutely one of the most satisfying endings I have ever read.”Amy Powers, Reader’s Favorite