Blood Crescendo

By (author)Derek Erickson


In “Bloodlust in Reiner,” Ashley leads an extraordinary life full of love, adventure, and supernatural beings. But when a beautiful vampire arrives, the peaceful town of Reiner may be torn apart by a deadly conflict. Can Ashley and her friends survive the coming war?


Ashley has everything she could wish for in life. A wonderful dad, great friends, and the man of her dreams. Living the blurred line between reality and running with werewolves, the world couldn’t be more exciting. Ever ridden through the snow on a full moon or danced at a werewolf wedding? By 18, Ashley has seen and done more than any teenage girl ever dreams. But when a beautiful vampire comes into town, everyone’s lives change. Beauty and immortality are wonderful gifts, unless they’re used for an eternal grudge. Ashley, the Lexington family, and maybe their entire town might be in trouble when lust turns to bloodlust. War is coming to Reiner, and she is hungry.