Blood of Tyrants: Free State of Dodge Saga Book One

By (author)Javan Bonds


In “The United States in Crisis”, childhood friends Jackson and Cliff find themselves in the midst of a nation under attack. As the National Guard takes control and strips away citizens’ rights, they vow to resist and fight back against those who threaten the constitution and their way of life.


The United States of America is in crisis. Radical militiamen are targeting hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants, devastating the power grid. The economy, already weakened by government mismanagement, is in free fall. Food and gas shortages rock the nation. And in Washington, the US Senate is devastated by a terrorist attack.

Childhood friends Jackson Pike and Cliff “Redstone” Stone worry for the future of their country, but their life in rural Alabama hasn’t changed much. Thanks to the Pike family’s disaster preparedness, the town of Dodge is well equipped to ride out the madness. Their main concern is for Jackson’s cousin Hollis, a page for the senator from Alabama. Hollis was present for the Senate attack and hasn’t been heard from since.

When the National Guard first pulls into Dodge, the townsfolk assume the worst of the crisis is over. They’re wrong. Under the iron command of Abraham Samuel Sherman, the National Guard begins stripping citizens of their rights, all while aggressively searching for something—or someone.

Jackson and Redstone aren’t sure what motivates Sherman, but they’re determined to oppose him, his superiors, and anyone else who challenges the constitutional rule of the land and people they love.